Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saving for the future...

While most individuals at this post party are going to claw their way to a McDonalds, I have saved for the future. Earlier today, realizing I would be craving food in my drunken state, I stashed one of the Glodespun Gourmet burritos into my backpack. Low and behold, I remembered I had it... at 2:14am. This is what we call an investment.
Another update, Mark Boeker informed me that he was healing quite well from his spill earlier in the evening. He showed me the battle wound. Yikes! Didn't break skin, but it definitely left a solid mark... as in 'MARK' Boeker. For those who don't know, Mark had an unfortunate spill in the late night show and bounced right back up. Hats off to you Mr. Boeker!
Everything is winding down... good night 14/48... this has been a brilliant weekend!

(consider this a virtual 'being tucked in')

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