Thursday, January 7, 2010


While all of these virgins are at home asleep, dreaming about what their first day of 14/48 is going to present them, I sit awake thinking about my encounters with three of the "pure and innocent" this evening. Encounters which make school boys giggle and grown ups blush... below is what a few VIRGINS had to say before the big dance:

"I'm afraid of nudity. Not really feeling the nudity," Oh brother, you never admit out loud that you don't want to be in the scene with nudity because you're going to then end up in the scene with nudity. Silly virgins... Anyway, I pressed further and asked if having animals onstage might help her with the nudity, "Yes, a flock of sheep that they can't control."


When asked how he felt about nudity, Rob said, "Prosthetics." Hmmm... interesting. Probably easier to accomodate than the flock of sheep.

I missed my window of oppurtunity to ask her about how she felt about nudity, since this was quickly becoming the theme, but she told me which instruments she may be playing... "Harp, flute, saxophone and vocals."

Thank you to these VIRGINS for giving me a few minutes because that's all I really need.

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