Saturday, January 9, 2010

Veteran Interview: Opal Peachey (DIRECTOR)

During lunch, I had the opportunity to briefly chat with 14/48 Festival veteran, Opal Peachey. Today she is directing Maggie Lee's play, The Guitar Case. While she scarfed her soup and skipped from song to song on Pandora looking for appropriately jazzy music for the band to play, she had the following to say about working with writers.

OP: "I wasn't familiar with Maggie as a writer before, but I'm so tickled when a playwright writes in a different style than they did the night before. It's really fun to see them shake it up a bit."

Based on Peachey's comment, I'm predicting we can expect in The Guitar Case a little more serious tone than we saw in Maggie Lee's Day 1 play, The Female of the Species.

In terms of progress on the piece, Opal seems confident. She said the overall level of stress at the festival always seems less on the second day. She also said that since The Guitar Case will be first to tech and first to perform tonight (they go into tech in less than an hour and a half!) the design team has made the show a priority and has already provided the actors with everything they need.


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