Friday, January 8, 2010

Table Talk

In the bar area rehearsal hall is play one, Wichita by Scot Auguston, Carol Roscoe and her crew of Stan Shields, Troy Fischnaller and Allison Strickland were hashing it out around the table. Seems like all was going well as Troy said, "Can we just go back to 'Code words." Troy than flicked me off as I was leaving the room, the stress of being an actor obviously getting to him.

As I got off of the elevator to visit the Buster Alvord Events Room, I overheard John Farrage ask the question, "What's hard to do with one hand?"
What in the name of Smuckers Jelly did I walk into? John Q was rocking back and forth in a chair in the opposite corner holding a bundle of Zeus knows what, Jacob Sidney was lying face up on the floor and John Paulsen (whom Mr. Farrage was asking the question to) was sitting nearest me. The answer to the question - opening a candy bar. A candy bar. Not exactly where my mind was going but there you have it... opening a candy bar is hard to do with one hand.

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paul said...

Clap. Unless you're a Zen master.