Friday, January 8, 2010

heyyy yeah... just woke up

As I entered my PRESS ROOM, nerves shaken from a long day marinated in coffee, Shawn Belyea handed me an e-mail sent by Celene Ramadan (writer for Cafeteria Blossoms) informing 14/48 she had just woken up... one and a half hours after she was supposed to be present. This is what I gathered from the e-mail (facts may have been adjusted slightly):

Hi, sorry... I just woke up (insert emoticon)

I was battling unicorns in my dreams with a saber made of magical ice cubes. Once I defeated the unicorns the town of talking chipmunks had a parade in my honor. Around block 15 of the parade I awoke... sorry.


You're a rock star, Celene, and we'll see you soon... unless Michael Mowery gets his hands on those guns.

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