Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parking is Hard

But if you're coming to just watch this weekend, just go to Pacific Place or City Center.  It's cheaper there.  If you're participating in 14/48, park in the Convention Center at 8th & Pike.  Not the parking off 7th.  8th & Pike.

and now virgin Clara Rodriguez must get me a beer.


paul said...

How late can you leave Pacific Place?

(I know. It's a lame comment. But then again, it's a lame blog.)

Andy Joe said...

Midnight. If you're coming to the 10:30, try parking on lower Capitol Hill near Melrose and walk down to 7th & Union.

You can also drive downtown and look closely at the 30 minute load zones. Most are 30 minute load zones UNTIL 6pm. Many are free parking after 6pm.