Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Note with Carl Sander

Carl is the guy who wrote the 1448 Address.  He used to be on the Steering Committee and has been in town a long time.  He's a crazy old coot.  He's the one who wrote the poem in Summer 2009 that became a play under Tim Hyland's direction.  It was a great poem.

Andy Joe: So Carl, did you see this coming?

Carl:  What?

Andy Joe:  All of this.  14/48 invited to ACT & selling out a 400 plus house?  The Producing Artistic Director or the Seattle Rep participating as an director for multiple years?  In '97 it was sparse like maybe 40 people showed up and the "plays" were really freaked out performers with scripts in hand.

Carl: Oh yeah....

Andy Joe:  Why?

Carl:  Y'know...

Andy Joe:  Thanks, Carl.

Here's the thing:  Carl will come up with a brilliant tenet about why 14/48 must survive.  MUST.

Stay tuned.

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