Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking back on what was...

I wandered into the 14/48 meeting shortly after 8:15, craving a free beer served by a virgin and hoping the "ten minute" run down was almost over. To my satisfaction, I would get both.
Shawn Belyea was on the DIRECTOR portion of his high speed, bullet point presentation when I took my seat. "YES!" I yelled within the canyon between my brain lobes, "They're almost done!"
Almost done and I didn't miss the most heartfelt piece (presentation of the Mazen) and the most pertinent to the next day's action (presentation of the THEME.)
BOOM - first came the Mazen. Belyea had a beautiful introduction to the first weekend recipient and the Mazen went to... ELIZABETH HEFFRON!
The crowd, including the likes of Troy Fischnaller and the beautiful Kate Parker, jumped to their feet (a standing ovation for those of you not up on the lingo) and began to slam their hands together. Elizabeth gave us some wonderful words to sit on this weekend. "14/48 is alive, with each breath in and each breath out."
This point sticks out to me because it rings with truth... 14/48 is all about the moment. Don't let the moment pass. Embrace and squeeze as hard as you possibly can.
BOOM - next came the theme and Elizabeth drew - "Collateral Damage"... my roommate believes this was a movie. In fact, it was a movie I never saw starring the Governor of California. Not sure how I feel about the connection to Arnold... never-the-less... HOORAY!!!
And HOORAY to all of those who were out tonight and birthing the first weekend of 14/48... this is going to be something to hold onto forever!

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