Saturday, January 9, 2010

Director Meeting Tiddly Bits

PLAY 1 - Opal Peachey
* Music heavy show... starring a saxophone
PLAY 2 - Nicole Boyer Cochran
* As she hinted at this morning, lighting will be bright... like a sunny afternoon
PLAY 3 - Carol Roscoe
* Fire... with marshmallows and campfire sing-a-longs... just kidding, it's only a fire
PLAY 4 - Tammi Doyle
* "Tim Hyland, are there any warnings we need to give for nudity?" - Lou Butler
PLAY 5 - Tyrone Brown
* Wall - sans flat screen TV (earlier Gary Menendez mentioned he would be making a flat screen... this has been cut)
PLAY 6 - John Farrage
* Are you ready for this? In this piece there will be... A COUCH!
PLAY 7 - Erin Kraft
* Banton picked up a big, nasty, wet bench for this piece

"Bell, we need you to drink." - Lou Butler directing me to drink PBR so we could use the cans as props... I will take one for the team and make this happen.


paul said...

You're all right, Sloop. You're all right.

Sweetie the Official Scorer said...

Why do we need warnings about nudity? Is it going to hurt? Is it harmful to our health? Would it make it funnier?

paul said...

Warnings about nudity are like warnings that there might be human beings involved in these stories.

Sloop Bell said...

I didn't include Tim Hyland's response which was a firm, "No."