Friday, January 8, 2010

Building a House

I sat in on a conversation designer Ahren Buhmann was having with director Tyrone Brown. Tyrone drew out his ground plan and indicated where the kitchen, living room and bedroom would be... the various playing areas in his piece. He then asked for a swimming pool and a 2 car garage.
In the upstairs level, Paul Mullin and Nicole Boyer Cochran said their play is TOP SECRET. What!? Top secret!? I had to know more and, after Paul called me Curtis, he told me there was "lots of nudity and all the actors have to be touching one another throughout the entire play." I left the top level confused and suffering from slight altitude sickness... back to the basement where everything is safe.


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paul said...

I did not call you "Curtis". I may have slurred "Chris". I slur, okay? It's an ethnic detriment.