Friday, January 10, 2014

Still More Games wtih Play 6

Virgin director Ariel Bradler already has the cast of Scot Augustson's A Sheep? on their feet (or on the floor) and I've walked in on an energetic game of charades.  I love seeing actors making such big choices when they've had the script in their hands for less than an hour. Zach Sanders jumps enthusiastically onto a chair, but the chair doesn't cooperate. There's a quick check to make sure he's ok and they jump right back into it, barely missing a beat.

When the run is over Ariel tells him, "That was great.  Except for the falling." She gives the actors small adjustments and they take a short break, which the actors use to study their scripts.

When I was talking with actors earlier today, there was a lot of nervous energy waiting to see what the day would bring.  Now it's just a laser-like focus. It's only 11:30, but it starts to feel like there's plenty of time.

In the next run, Zach steps onto the chair very carefully.

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