Friday, January 10, 2014

Naked D&D and Other Fun Games with Show 7

Director Amy Poisson is talking to the designers about costumes for Finally Got You by Scotto Moore. It doesn't take long before it devolves (or evolves) to costuming naked D&D. Most of the cast seems to have showed up dressed up for their characters already.  Ok, they're not naked, but we've got jeans and hoodies and kind of cool kind of uncool glasses and hats and layers.  From what I can gather, we have some gaming geeks and sexy times to send the audience home in a really good mood.

Amy officially falls in love with actor Steven Sterne's international hat collection and it's possible that hats are becoming a theme.  It's a love fest.

The designers leave just in time for the band representatives to show up. There is some intense discussion, translating the script for the "non-gaming" director and a quick break before they start staging.

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