Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Post that Wouldn't Post Last Night

So what does You Just Might Be The One mean?

According to the artists of 14/48, it meant letting go when the one isn't the RIGHT one even if the rest of the world just wants you to shut up and be happy, finding extreme (and kinda gross) ways to find a purpose in life after dealing with loss, coming back from the dead for an interspecies love, finding the courage to be the Chosen One when the Chosen One has a really terrible task, giving up on perfection or finding perfection in imperfection, giving up on being right and just letting go to be there for a friend, and bumping into someone for your entire life before figuring out that they are the person you need.

It meant that gay marriage sometimes means gay divorce, it meant eating a rare fucking cat with the fur still on, zombie turtles, elves, fauns, fantasy, and a prop that wouldn't cooperate.  It meant running around drunk with no pants in a state of chaos.  It meant charades.  It meant that winning at spelling bees, chess, risk, and RPGs isn't everything.

It was goofy, silly, raw, sweet, inspiring, random, chaotic, touching, sexy, and gross--sometimes all in the same play.

I wonder what Sin and Salvation means?  Stick around and find out later today.

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