Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starting the Day with a Big Storm

In rehearsal for Gillian Jorgensen's Another Way Home, director Manny Cawaling is talking about the how to set the space with his actors.  There's a lot of talk about how to define a space and leave room to create a show with movement, which is pretty exciting--as is the spirit of collaboration.  Ideas that are thrown out range from using sand to leaves to imagination to rigging something that will fall from the grid. When the designers stop by, he admits that he's not really ready for them.  "You've read the script," he says and asks them to come back at the end of their rehearsal visits.

As the only one in the room who hasn't, I'm excited to see what's coming. It sounds grand and imaginative and high stakes with moments of human connection.

The team is embracing "go big or go home."  The bigger the ideas get, the more excited the talk. This kind of creative process isn't just what I love about 14/48, it's what I love about theater.  This team is ready to make magic and it's hard for me to tear myself away and move onto another rehearsal room.  Then again, maybe it's enough that I can experience it tonight--and so can you.

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