Friday, January 17, 2014

There Will be (not as much) Blood

"We need a Seahawks blanket", said one of the designers.

"There should be no problem finding one of those this weekend", said everyone else at the table.

"Yes, but will people be willing to lend it to us?"
Anthony Winkler directs Trick Danneker
and Jesica Avellone along with the rest of the cast.
Photo: Agastya Kohli

"There is no blood in this show - shouldn't be a problem!" Gary Menendez declared in a reference to the "Blood and Corpse" Saturday night last weekend.

"Says who?" said the rest of the table.

The Uprising by Courtney Meaker is all set to end the first half with a bang. No pun intended. The props/set-list includes a gun, school furniture, backpack, students, biology lab equipment, and blood. While you may think this is a show about "another shooting at a high school"... it isn't that sort of a shooting.

Anthony Winkler directs Melissa Fenwick, Jesica Avellone, Trick Danneker, Cody Smith and Ben Burris in this explosive piece!

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