Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Morning Impressions

As the actors start to roll in, directors and writers have been reading the plays, mulling over the characters, moments, and their breakfast choices. In some corners of the room, writer/director pairs are still talking, and in other corners, directors sit by themselves, reading the script over and over.
Andy Jensen and Lisa Koch discussing Show #1
Photo: Agastya Kohli

The fullest table is the table with all the designers. Everyone, seriously, studiously reading their scripts.

Omar is lurking in the shadows, taking pictures. "Taking pictures in hiding?" I asked. "I have perfected the art", he responds.

Peggy Platt spots his camera and asks, "Are you a photographer?"

"That's what they claim", he responds with his usual sly smile.

"Well, I saw the camera and make the leap."

"You know, a man who keeps a piano in his living room is a man with a piano in his living room. A man who owns a camera is a photographer", Omar Wiley puts it in perspective.

Actors draw just finished - Brett is posting the line up. As everyone makes their way out of the room with their food and suitcases, the designers are now the only ones in the room. I think I'll give the casts a little time to get settled in their new spaces, and then go walk around the building for some juicy updates.

Shawn Belyea getting ready to start the Actor Draw
Photo: Agastya Kohli

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