Friday, January 17, 2014

Tech Rehearsal for Act 2

Show #5
Tech crew works through some light issues - end of intermission, transitioning into show 5 as actors get in place. Lighting makes the looks cleaner, and Hana skips the cast forward towards the end. And the band takes us out in style! Did I mention Sergeant Wooster's All Man Last Stand Band sounds great?
Justin Huertas and his cello
Photo: Omar Willey

Show #6
As we get started with this show's tech, we're back on schedule. The cast loves the couch. Actors start finding their spacing while Keni adjusts the furniture on the stage. Lights wants to see the final look for some fine tuning.

Back to top of show, and Mark Siano and Doug Willott are having way too much fun singing 'Let's Get it On'. Cross fade to Mr. Huertas' sweet cello. No internal light cues. Keni works the sounds cues with the band. Wow - Marianna has the fastest stage cross. The girl can hustle! And we transition to show #7 with an A Capella outro, that the band is having WAY TOO MUCH fun with!

Show #7
Transition has been worked out. Charles starts a pow wow with the band. Once that's done, actors have been cued. We'll run the whole show to the end of play. Another somber, poignant piece. Not your usual seventh play. But it features oatmeal cookies!

End of Tech! Band takes us out on the cello, as Allison Strickland half yells out "14/48". Time for dinner. Next up - 7:00PM company meeting.

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