Friday, January 10, 2014

Dinner begins, but Tech continues...

Play #4

The fog rolls in. The band makes strange and mystical noises. And 5 characters enter the stage from a raging battle. These are the elements that introduce The Tree of Time by Maggie Lee.

Paul Budraitis keeps his eye on the clock and skips ahead to a big transition. I am so curious as to what happened in between! The director gives tips to his actors regarding other sacred artifacts in this magical show. Enchanting.

The actors are clearly enjoying the transition music provided by the band, bopping around the stage while the lights flash (not purposely to affect a dance club, but rather to briskly run through lighting transitions).

Play #5

What is your opinion of boxed wine? Is it a wonderful, inexpensive alternative to the kind you can buy from a fancy winery? (Or is it just what you smuggle out to a summer Shakespeare in the Park performance with your friends?)

In Boxed Wine, this is discussed, although slightly “drunkenly.” How much real wine is on stage in this play? You just have to come and see!

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