Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wrapping up my 14/48 weekend

The early show is in the books and it's another solid outing. Keri Healey's play is my favorite tonight. It's such a wonderful little piece. Allison Strickland and Joe Zavadil (this week's Mazen award winner) are terrific together. And the show ends on such a great note, with Sara Porkalob joining the band for 'Rehab.'

I've been a huge fan of 14/48 since I first discovered it four years ago, and I'm only more infatuated after having seen everything from behind the scenes. This is an amazing group of people. I can't recommend volunteering highly enough. They've built such a fabulous community around the festival, and it is endlessly fascinating to see it all come together.

See you outdoors this summer!

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