Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tech- Plays #1 and #2

Play #1:

Here I am, back with the show I first saw this morning (aka about a year ago). The eerie lighting and the ominous music provided by the band enhance the material. This show is so dark. Literally.

UPDATE: This play (All Must Pay the Price by Scotto Moore) will be directed by José Amador.

Play #2:

I have to say that Erin Pike makes a very cute-looking Raggedy Ann in The Hundred Acre Fire.

Tech is humming by, with the actors speeding through some lines to get through “at a clip.”

At one point, a lamp falls over (no glass, stage managers, have no fear) and Paul Budraitis says, “It’s good luck!”

Let’s hope so, and that the luck will help bring us a speedy tech.

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