Friday, January 10, 2014

Just a small taste of the closing show(s)

Play # 6

In A Sheep? there is more wine. Prosecco. And cheese. And delightful charades— who doesn’t love the randomness of frantically called out words and phrases? BOOBIES!

Other than that, however, I’m a little hazy on the plot because Ariel Bradler knows exactly what she wants to see and is skipping briskly from beginning to middle to end. It’s only 10 minutes past the scheduled start of her tech and they are already done. And out of the theater.

Gawd. No wonder they were so confident earlier today.

Play # 7

Last one! Good thing we are ahead on our tech schedule because this play reputedly has a LOT of tech. Stage managers Nina Trotto (in her blacks and red sneakers), Kaeline Kine and Bianca De Vita buckle up for a hopefully not too bumpy ride.

Finally Got You promises to be a great closer, just judging by what’s on stage: Games. Beer. And funny hats. I’m so very intrigued. And looking forward to it!

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