Saturday, January 11, 2014

Director's Meeting: The Art of Clear Communication

Directors and stage managers huddle into a corner of the Bullitt Cabaret. It’s time for the directors meeting.

The stage managers inform the directors about the new tech schedule. They are trying to save all the tech time they can. “We’re going to give you all the tech time you need. But if you’re done, we’re going to kick you off the stage,” Nina Trotto says cheerfully. They want to keep it “clipping along,” as Kaeline Kine says.

Drawing diagrams of their set, the directors talk through any big moments or “looks” that are in their show. Often you’ll hear “There might be a cue there…we’ll see in tech,” as directors only have 20 minutes to figure out what will or won’t work for tonight’s performance.

The meeting wraps up and we are ready for tech.

Kerri Wooster-Brown deposits one of her sleeping children into a friendly lap, and consults with husband Jodi-Paul Wooster. You have to give credit to the kids of the theatre—their lives are full of coloring books, video games, late nights in pajamas, and a horde of friendly faces all wanting to share smiles and love.

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