Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where will the 14/48 artists be next?

The team at 14/48 is a talented and in demand bunch. If you would like to see more, here is a rundown of some of their upcoming projects.

Scott Ward Abernethy - King Lear at Seattle Shakespeare Company

Marianna de Fazio - Diana Of Dobson's at Taproot Theatre

Joe Ivy - Truth Like The Sun at Book-It Repertory

Lisa Viertel - The Coffee Table and Endangered Species Project

Ben Burris - The Boy At The Edge Of Everything at Seattle Children's Theatre

Trick Danneker - The Boy At The Edge Of Everything at Seattle Children's Theatre

Kate Witt - Third at ArtsWest

Marty Mukhalian - Third at ArtsWest

Chris Shea - The 39 Steps at Mt. Baker Theatre

Emma Bamford - 14/48 Leicester

Jennifer Jasper - Family Affair at The Jewelbox

Hana Lass - The Importance Of Being Earnest - Seattle Shakespeare Company

Sydney Tucker - A Little Burlesque at The Jewelbox

Darius Pierce - A Pidgeon And A Boy at Jewish Theatre Collaberative

Opal Peachey - Seattle Vice at ACT and Cavalier & Clay at Book-It Repertory

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