Saturday, January 18, 2014

Erin Stewart - Friday v. Saturday

I sat down with the lovely Erin Stewart to talk about her 14/48 experience, and our conversation drifted towards how Friday compared with Saturday.

She was able to go to bed by 5am Friday morning, and stayed up till 6am on Saturday. In the grand scheme of things, I'd say that's about the same.

"It was tough both nights", she said. "I thought both these themes were pretty broad, and I didn't have an idea right away for either night. On both nights I had two plays going. Switching back and forth between the two plays, not sure which one I was going to go with."
Erin Stewart, either before or after writing the play.
Photo: Agastya Kohli

"How different were they?"

"The ones on Friday were similar. They were both heightened, and stylized. But the other play on Saturday was actually quite different from what I went with. I was trying 'over indulgence' in a different way. I kept going back and forth. But every time I went to it, I was like... naah..."

"How did you know which play was going to win out, and when did you know?"

"Well, I had more pages for this one."

"So, the longer play won? Both nights?"

"Basically, yes! But I'm happy with it." Erin exclaimed.

I asked her if she had any thoughts about Keni Cohen picking her script both days, and what it was like to work with Keni.

"Yeah, isn't that weird? That happened to me three or so years  back at OTB as well! I'd never worked with Keni before. Yesterday, I wanted to make sure I was able to communicate my brand of comedy. I wanted that to come through. I was confident he'd get the play, but I wanted to give him as much information as I could, before I walked away from the process completely. Today, I feel much better about it. The cast just read the play, and they're laughing, and enjoying the script already. So I feel good!"

Well Ms. Stewart, you succeeded in delivering a creepy, but funny crowd-pleaser on Friday. Marianna de Fazio, Sydney Tucker and Joe Ivy gave great performances under Keni Cohen's direction. We can't wait to see what 'Over Indulgence' Saturday will bring.

Disclaimer - I didn't record the conversation with Erin... so the above is all paraphrased. But I hope I've captured the essence of what Erin wanted to share with all of you.

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