Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Tech - Act 1

While the director meeting was still running a little behind, folks at tech have decided to forge ahead with show #1 anyway. Band is just returning from a break as well. We are now ready for top of show.

Show #1
Melissa Fenwick sporting a witch hat
Photo: Agastya Kohli
Halloween show. We start with scary noises and kids run up on stage. As the actors figure out spacing (a little "kid stage combat" action to figure out), lighting designers are cooking up a pretty cool full moon on the cyc. I see witch hats, and I hear wonder woman! Pretty high energy transition at the end of the show. Band is rocking as always!

Show #2
The transition into this show is a bit of a challenge, and the stage crew would like to run it in transition lights. However the light board was busy writing the next cue. After a little wait, we're underway. The stage crew is bringing on not just the furniture, but even the actors! Getting the stage set for this show, and then transitioning into #3 is quite involved. I'm hesitating to tell you more - so you may be awed by the crew when you see them in action tonight.

Show #3
The band transitions, we skip through cue to cue. This show will coin a new verb - very seasonably appropriate (hint NFL Championship weekend). And I can only imagine how the football manic crowd this weekend will react to this show. (hint hashtag Louder!) Also, I can't help but ponder on this playwright's outlook on the subject matter, given the negative connotations of our theme 'over indulgence'. But the band will bring the house DOWN with this outro. Hashtag Crowd-Pleaser.

Show 4 cast in tech rehearsal
Photo: Omar Willey
Show #4
Nina sorts out who takes what out between the cast and the crew. John Langs steps up to the band with his actors and starts working on what they can, while the crew and light board finish up on their transition tasks. The band plays a beautiful riff to underscore these scenes. John runs his tech like a military commander (no different that yesterday). He came with a list of problems he wanted to solve, and he pushes through, working with band, lights, and stage crew, and and when they become available. Looking forward to seeing this one when they run the whole show.

Intermission! And we're a few minutes ahead of schedule!

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