Friday, January 10, 2014

Director's Meeting

The stage managers are, of course, ready and waiting as the directors start to trickle in for the meeting.

Have we mentioned that we have three Virgin stage managers this weekend?  The fearless team of Kaeline Kine, Nina Trotto, and Bianca DeVita is ready to take charge as they ask the directors for mercy.

"Welcome and sorry," Amy Poisson tells them.

First show is easy.  Second show...well, not so much.

The directors draw their set ups and talk through their cues.

José threatens broken glass in his show...JUST KIDDING.  Joking with a stage manager like that is kind of like joking with a TSA agent.

Amy wasn't kidding when she apologized to these ladies. Twice I've heard this play described as "an epic opus spanning generations."  In 10 minutes (or less).  Awesome.

The meeting wraps at 3:26.  Not bad, Virgins.  Not bad.

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the beige one said...

The broken glass was in the script, I wasn't doing it to be that mean.