Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tech Continues- Plays #3 and #4

Play #3

The cast of Maggie’s Funeral huddle around Shawnmarie Stanton as she plays a beautiful, familiar melody on the harp. Now she sings “Oh Shenandoah,” in a lilting voice. Shawn Belyea clearly wants to set the funeral scene by including this song.

Dave Clapper has traded in his wizard’s robe from last night for a shirt and tie. And Daniel Christiensen WILL be wearing his pants tonight. Although more somber, this piece promises to be really powerful and moving.

As they transition to the next show, Shawn Belyea says in a sing-song voice, “Amy Poisson’s got a big ol’ show she’s gotta tech, let’s get out of here, “ and hugs his fellow director.

Play #4

Ruzzle-Me-Tuzzle On the Road to Heaven! has had my curiosity piqued since I first read the title. I have seen nothing but the photos, and heard nothing but Amy’s requests in the director meeting.

A high energy show with a lot of quick changes and dashing around, this show is definitely different form anything I’ve seen so far in tech. A sneak peak at a few lines:

“You killed your Grandma with a stick?!”

“Rich people are God’s happy children!”

Also, the band is killing it on this transition music between Play # 4 and INTERMISSION

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