Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dead Bodies and Bubbling Bongs

Desdemona Chiang is working with the cast of BJ Smyth’s Running with Scissors and a coat representing a dead body (not yet cast) is crumpled up on the floor. Apparently, this isn’t the only 14/48 play that calls for a corpse today. We’re hoping that the design team’s runners aren’t headed out gravedigging.

There is some really inappropriate laughter with some sudden reversals in mood.  The cast is committing hard, turning on a dime.  Desdemona is working moment to moment, building transitions and adding detail as they go. 

Kerri Wooster-Brown stops by to see whether the team wants a large bong with a leak that doesn’t bubble or a medium-sized one that will have a bubbling sound.  After some discussion, they go for medium bubbling. I haven’t yet seen how this prop will be used, but I know that’s the kind of detail that you NEED to know. 

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