Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Tech - Act 2

Stage crew takes advantage of the bonus time to pre-set show #5, and the band takes advantage by rehearsing their transition into intermission, an out of intermission into act 2. And show #5 cast shows up.

Show #5
Hana starts by pushing the furniture around to get it just right. Next we start aiming lights at the furniture and people in front of the furniture. As Hana examines the 'looks', she asks "is this the living room?" Light board responds "yes". And after a beat, the light board inquires, "Is it good? Are we living?"
Stage is set. Hana sends actors to places for top of show. Band starts intro music. Alyssa Byer helps out with additional step unit added to the ramp in front of the stage. First moment of the show established, we skip forward to the next cue. Again, hard to tell the story line... but the band outros with (possibly inappropriate) pop song!
Sergeant Woosters All Man Band
Photo: Omar Willey

Show #6
Show 6 cast shows up swords drawn. They work through some stage combat moves, and everyone sets up for top of show. The band brings us into the scene with jaunty pirate music as promised. We work through a bunch of sound and light cues within the first few minutes of the show and then skip along cue to cue. Light board runs a pirate to zombie transition once more for good measure, and we're ready to move on to the last piece for the evening.

Show #7
Zoe Fitzgerald set her play in the break between the 8pm and 10:30pm show last night. Consequently, this cast is wearing what they wore in their shows yesterday. I bet that made it easy for the costumers! But what this also brings with it, is a repeat special guest performance by Sara Porkalob with the band. If you were here for Yellow Hair's musical debut yesterday - you won't want to miss this reunion with the band!
Luxury of not having too many other cues - this show gets to run all the way from top to bottom, uninterrupted, as light board fine tunes the looks. And we rock out into the night with Yellow Hair bringing us to a glorious close.

End of Tech.  Time for dinner, followed by company meeting at 7pm.

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