Saturday, January 11, 2014

So Wrong, It's Right

The cast of Play #4, Ruzzle-Me-Tuzzle on the Road to Heaven! by Scot Augustson, comes back from a break shortly after I get to the rehearsal room and jump directly into the goofy characterization with intent seriousness.

"That shit, that's funny," director Amy Poisson tells them.

There is a broad, fairy tale world that meets a harsh modern world, calling for as much absurdity as possible. Getting that funny shit to takes a lot of detail work. Amy spends a lot off time working a bit where Jalyn Green and Emily Gorgan check out each other' the cast tries to find a place to work in a Seahawks or lose.

Designer Brian Stricklan walks in with a giant chicken leg that may or may not be made from an ordinary paper bag and the cast squeals. He's planning to make it shinier--if he has time--but Amy assures him that if that is the worst case scenario, she's happy.

This should be a fun end to Act I.

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