Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Night Lineup

Play # 1:
All Must Pay the Price by Scotto Moore
Directed by Scotto Moore
Actors: Rob MacGregor, Zach Sanders, Steven G. Sterne, Jessica Stepka

Play # 2:
The Hundred Acre Fire by Brendan Healy
Directed by Paul Budraitis
Actors: Meghan Arnette, Erin Pike, Hannah Mootz

Play # 3:
Maggie’s Funeral by Josef Krebs
Directed by Shawn Belyea
Actors: Dave Clapper, David Drummond, Daniel Christensen, Terri Weagant

Play #4:
Ruzzle-Me-Tuzzle On the Road to Heaven! by Scot Auguston
Directed by Amy Poisson
Actors: Sara Papineau, Alyson Scadron Branner, Donna Wood, Jalyn Green, Emily Grogan


Play #5
Running with Scissors by BJ Smyth
Directed by Desdemona Chiang
Actors: Christi Cruz, May Nguyen, Troy Lund

Play #6
Begone by Maggie Lee,
Directed by Ariel Bradler
Actors: Joey McManus, Sam Hagen

Play # 7
Another Way Home by Gillian Jorgensen
Directed by Manuel R. Cawaling
Actors: Jason Harber, Jodi-Paul Wooster, Pilar O’Connell, Hattie Claire Andres, Deniece Bleha

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