Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Night Lineup

And here's your Friday night line up:

Play 1: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Brendan Healy
Directed by: Peter Dylan O'Connor
Actors: Denise Bleha, Joey McManus, Sarah Papineau, Hattie Claire Andres

Play 2:  One Small Catch by Josef Krebs
Directed by: Desdemona Chaing
Actors: Sam Hagen, Hannah Mootz, May Nguyen

Play 3:  My Pet and My Dead Pet by Gillian Jorgensen
Directed by: Manuel R. Cawaling
Actors: Terri Weagant, Jessica Stepka

Play 4: The Tree of Time by Maggie Lee
Directed by: Paul Budraitis
Actors: Alyson Scadron Branner, Dave Clapper, Donna Wood, Jason Harber, Jalyn Green


Play 5: Boxed Wine by BJ Smyth
Directed by: José Amador
Actors: David Drummond, Emily Grogan, Erin Pike, Daniel Christensen

Play 6: A Sheep? by Scot Augustson
Directed by: Ariel Bradler
Actors: Christi Cruz, Rob MacGregor, Zach Sanders

Play 7: Finally Got You by Scotto Moore
Directed by: Amy Poisson
Actors: Meghan Arnette, Jodi-Paul Wooster, Pilar O'Connell, Steven G. Sterne, Troy Lund

Seven plays on the theme You Just Might Be the One.  Opening in approximately 9 hours and 21 minutes.

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