Friday, January 10, 2014

Play # 1: In the Room with Peter Dylan O'Connor

It’s 10:57am and the actors are on their feet. Director Peter Dylan O’Connor has said goodbye to playwright Brendan Healy, and begins to stage the very top of The Best of Times, The Worst of Times.

Looking at the schedule and seeing it in black and white, I am struck by the fact that this director and cast only have 4 AND A HALF HOURS UNTIL TECH. Oh, that includes a lunch break. And a director meeting. The amount of rehearsal time together is so small, the ending so abrupt. It’s no wonder their jumping up from the table to take swings at lines like the following:

“Lizards don’t fuck pigs.”

“Divorce is our thing.”

Do you want to avoid your favorite 7-11's because you have too many memories of anniversary dinners there?"

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