Thursday, July 29, 2010

14/48 Summer 2010: Theater Off Jackson Imminent

And so, the day has arrived. The weekend's first meeting, in which the artists in the various disciplines, virgins and veterans (full artist roster for both weekends here), are introduced to each other will be taking place in about two hours.

Also happening at the meeting: The official tapping of the keg, the virgin hazing, the establishment of the rules, the Mazen Award winner, the picking of Friday's theme.

Lot of stuff happening, really, and I should be making my way soon.

On a side note, there've been numerous requests for copious blog entries, and we'll do what we can. In return, we ask that you let us know you're out there by leaving comments in the comment field. It helps to think that we're not writing into a vacuum.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy! Now, off to the meeting!


CHIMACUM said...

Thanks for this,Jose. Chimacum says,
"Break your legs!!"

Anne, Tenuki Handcrafts said...

Looking forward to your blog posts, JA.

(egg) said...


Dante said...

I'm gonna soak it in all weekend and count down for next