Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pictures from 7/30 Performance: Truth or Dare

Heather Gautschi presents pictorial evidence of malfeasance to Imogen Love (not pictured) and Mike Dooly. (Something to Declare)

Brandon Whitehead and Seanjohn Walsh in a rare moment of clarity in Dorkfest.

Erin Fetridge takes some of Sam Hagen's matters into her own hands. (Fireworks Tonight)

Sylvester Kamara in full Mayan regalia. (Prophecy)

James Weidman and Chris Spott determining just who is the title character in The Game.

Ben McFadden and Rob Burgess, despite appearances, are not performing a drag version of Golden Girls, instead they are trying to support a reluctant Bachelorette.

Jason Sharp admonishes Chris Bell about the necessity of his plan in Spaghetti Tuesday.

All pictures by Alfonso Poso, to see the full 14/48 portfolio visit Alfonso's Picasa album.

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