Saturday, July 31, 2010

Performance Space, Before Tech

Apparently TOJ Tech Meggan Davis was sent backstage in order to find a green extension cord; she returns with blue and yellow one. "Together they make green!"

Shawn Belyea and Patti West are refining the light hang for tonight's show, it is here that Patti reveals her love for light design and , of all things, gobos. TOJ has your gobo needs covered. We play a couple of rounds of Find The Gobo while she looks for a water-themed one. (She wins both rounds.)

Meanwhile, the band is rehearsing the music for Show #7 (A Fish Story; keyboardist Michael Owcharuk leads this session. Once again, the cojón is used enthusiastically. Then the tune morphs into War's Why Can't We Be Friends?

They break this down for a few minutes before moving on to the coup de grace: Tom Waits. Hang On St. Christopher.

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