Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures from 7/29/2010

Alfonso Poso is the man who is providing these images for us this weekend, unless otherwise noted. To view more of the pictures Alfonso took for this evening, and throughout the weekend, go here

Also, as always, click on the picture of a full sized image.
TOJ Before The Storm

The Artists Check In

JPW Checks Out The New Swag While The Crew Enter Their Theme Suggestions

Vet Actor Mike Dooly Prepares For The Weekend The Old Fashioned Way

Shawn Belyea Begins The Proceedings

Here Thar Be Virgins

Witness The Horrible Hazing Virgins Must Endure

Witness The Wailing, The Gnashing Of Teeth

O, The Humanity!

Patti West Graciously Welcomes The 14/48 Festival to Theater Off Jackson

Do You Recognize The Model?

Mark Boeker Sure Looks Cute

Jody Paul "Don't Blog About Me" Wooster-Brown Shares Some Wisdom With The Playwrights

Tim Hyland Shares Wisdom With Directors

Deb Fialkow Speaks With The Actors. Yes, She Is Always That Poised And Photogenic

Stan Shields With Words Of Advice For The Band. Yes, He Is Always That Poised And Photogenic

Peter Dylan-O'Connor/Wisdom/Designers. Yes, Poised/Photogenic.

Gary Menendez Humbly Waxes Rhapsodic.

Per Tradition, The Mazen Award Winner, Gary Menendez, Draws The Theme For Friday Night ("Truth or Dare")

Becky Bruhn Draws Her Assignment, Hoping The 14/48 Gods Have Given Her A Reprieve


(egg) said...

Love it love it love it. Reading, enjoying, don't stop.

Mark Boeker *does* look real cute. I wonder if he's seeing anyone.

Louise said...

JOSE I NEED MORE MORE MORE. Do you know I am at the office until the NOOOOON hour??

Megan Ahiers said...

Thanks Jose for keeping us all abreast when we are stuck in the office. Some of us are here til 5, Lou.