Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tech show #7, Stephanie Timm's "A Fish Story"

The largest cast of the night -- 4 dudes, 1 lady. So of course, the lady plays a stripper... or a fish... it's a Stephanie Timm play so it's probably both... the rare, mythical Stripperfish. Perfect way to end this summer's 14/48.

Director John Vreeke walks the cast and crew through the opening moments, essentially beginning a cue to cue.

The aforementioned gold-sequined jacket is draped over a seat in the back row of the house. Will it make an appearance in the course of the play? Will it be saved as a surprise for later? Will it even be used at all? The suspense is killing me!!!

Its the last tech. People are punchy. The smell of pizza wafts down into the theater from the lobby upstage, and we are all aware that others are partaking of cheesy goodness while we are not.

After a series of fits and starts, the actors get to start rehearsing... but not for long. Lights, once again, need to be leveled. The band needs to rehearse internal cues once, twice, three times.

And the final cue. Now that's how to end a festival.

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