Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, June 30th, 2010: Breakfast, Pre-Actor Draw

The room is primarily filled with playwrights and directors at separate tables, talking over scripts, ideas and generally brainstorming.

Slowly the actors file in and line up for the traditional 14/48 breakfast: coffee, bagel w/cream cheese, donut, egg, potato cakes.

Mik Kuhlman approaches and shares her enthusiasm about the piece she drew (yes, most everything about the weekend is done by drawing something out of a hat). She describes her piece, written by Jerry Kraft, to be "really intimate." Take that as you will, but note there wasn't any sniggering in her demeanor (not that that insures anything).

Crew determinedly read the scripts, taking notes on what may be needed...

Kitchen Vet Alex Samuels puts out another tray of breakfast items.

Mike Dooly, on waiting, "this is the part I hate."

Melizabeth Eller to Chris Bell: If you get cast in my piece, you will be naked again.


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