Friday, July 30, 2010

Breaking News!

Sadly, this news will come to you second hand.

In the 8:00pm show, while the revised version of Becky Bruhn's Dorkfest was running, Brandon "Straight Face" Whitehead, went completely off the rails. The cause in unknown, but mere minutes later, while scene partner Daniel Brockley was on-stage, shirtless, Whitehead joined him in hairless nakedness and while, you know, re-writing the script on the fly, the two of them lost it again.


Now, word has it that, miraculously, Seanjohn Walsh managed to keep it together, and kept on trying to get them back on track by giving them cues. The keeping it together I buy. It's the "getting them back on track" that I have trouble with. Those of you who've worked with him know what I'm talking about: If given the chance to create chaos on stage, ShackJack is the kind of guy who will jump on the opportunity.

I could be very wrong about this instance, but we'll see.

Now, I'm just hoping that instance gets repeated during the 10:30pm show.

UPDATE - Turns out the bit about Seanjohn in legit! There were other details to the event that would be best seen to be believed.

UPDATE 2 - Ask me sometime about the second show.


megspaz said...

This would be the much whispered about Train Wreck.

Anonymous said...

We would love to read how this went the second time around...