Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Glad We Had This Time Together

All right, an hour away from the late show, and truly, if anything happens from here on out, you should've been here to witness it.

And so, this was a hell of a weekend, incredibly fun folks, and, again, big huge thanks to the folks at Theater Off Jackson for welcoming us as warmly as they have.

On behalf of Connor Toms, Hana Lass, Deb Fialkow, Meaghan Arnette and myself, thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for next weekend, where your blog hosts will be Chris Bell, Troy Fischnaller, Kimberly Coffin, Amy Mikel, MJ Sieber among others. If you missed the shows this weekend, come next, when some more impossibly talented people participate to bring you another 14 new plays in forty-eight hours.

With that, I'll let PE play us out.

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