Saturday, July 31, 2010

First moments

i just did a quick walkthrough of a couple of the rehearsal rooms. we're still in the discussion phase, the let's bounce ideas around phase.

play #7, Stephanie Timm's "A Fish Story", is rehearsing across the intersection on Jackson and 7th, in an abandoned store front. All the actors are lined up against exposed drywall, sitting crosslegged on concrete floors; the director, John Vreeke and Timm sit in chairs in front of them, explaining the themes and points of the play, while a gold sequined jacket lays haphazard upon the floor. It looks like a strange urban steam-punk art installation. As i stand to leave, I hear Chris Bell read a line--"All I want is to jerk off and go home!" Can't wait for this one.

play #2, Brandon Healy's "A Cock and A Carnation" is rehearsing in an extremely small space just inside the front door to Canoe. I enter the conversation mid-stream, but Mike Dooly is describing how he sees his character. He wants a cigarette hanging from his mouth, AND chewing tobacco in his lip. Really? Both? "Yeah," he says, "don't you remember those assholes?" Yes, i sure do.

play #5, Mallery Avidon's "I Hate Bikes" is rehearsing in a space above and behind Theater Off Jackson's main door. It's a low-ceilinged storage space for office supplies. From my experience, the best 14/48 magic happens under the most extreme of pressures. Good luck to the kids in the crawl space.

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