Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Meeting

Shawn Belyea leads off the gazillionth iteration of this thing. Shawn and Jodi Paul banter like a married couple.

I will find a past entry of this meeting. But if you've been to these, you know how it goes. Intro to Steering Committee, 10 Minutes, 6 pages, memorize your lines, no process, cover the scene change.

(Thursday Meeting delved into further)

The Virgins (those who have not done one of the fests before) are introduced and shown like the chattel they are. You can imagine the heckling. SeanJohn: "I want that one!"

Chris Spott is back after seven years,

The actor roster is made up of 17 men and 7 women. The phrase "14/48: The Sausage Fest" is heard a few times over.

Big thanks to Patti West, Meggan Davis and TOJ for allowing us to be here!

Budraitis is attempting to avoid the hazing, but it will not work. "I'm really not into hazing." He is tagged twice.

The Survival Guide begins.

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m e g g a n said...

I was HOPING you'd say something about the sausage fest!