Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tech show #4, Becky Bruhn's "Volunteer Night"

The next show has moved in. The actors, looking very posh, find their places backstage. Director Shanga Parker gets things going immediately. Again, there are internal music cues that the cast has not yet heard, and staging the band has not yet seen. The overlapping of the two is never seamless, but luckily, everyone involved is a professional and it goes well.

Rob Burgess is wearing an absolutely AMAZING tie!! And his dumb show at the beginning of the piece had me rudely laughing out loud.

The actors get to go through their entire play, which I'm noticing is really quite a luxury. Let's hope it helps, they're obviously having fun and are cracking each other, and all of us, into hysterics. I imagine the 10:30 performance will be quite an event.

The band song for the transition into intermission will go down as one of the best in 14/48 history. I'm just saying...

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Anonymous said...

This play was the star of the night and of the weekend.