Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up

Ahhhh...Breakfast of Champions. As our playwrights and directors consult over their scripts, the first of the actors start wandering in from the I.D. streets. Does that french toast taste good, Kaleb?

Overheard in the hum of the early morning preparations:

A member of the band marvels over a script, "This is a pretty good one--I LIKE this one, actually."....

Playwright Stephanie Timm cackling hysterically and clapping her hands as director John Vreeke sketches something on the back of his script....

A director instructing the Band, " when it's done, people go, 'holy F**K, what was THAT?!"

Here's hoping all our fearless 14/48 crew follow the advice on the Parker Bros. boardgame found in the lobby here at Canoe: "GO FOR IT!"

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