Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre-Show Meeting Detritus

- Apparently, it was a generally smooth day all around. Good job, troop!

- JJisafool commented earlier today: "Why does 14/48 not just buy hardcore porn mags in bulk because we need some every damn time." This is a very good point, and I suspect that somehow the magazines that are bought sprout legs and walk away from the storage area. Still, while this problem exists, it's somewhat worth it for the discussions that arise while "auditioning" new "talent" for the shows. I've put the bug in people's ear, however, that these magazines will likely come in handy next week.

- The running crew is standing agog at the bottom of the stairs with beers in their hands. It's quite a sight.

- By the way, they've cast two magazines, one for the family oriented 8pm show, another for the 10:30p show. Apparently, there is such a thing as a family friendly porn magazine.

- Hey, how about that Alfonso Poso? Again, you can check out his complete 14/48 album here. More pics to come tonight!

- I feel like Larry King in USA Today, when I write these random notes.

- And the 8:00pm show is under way now. Excellent. Me, I'm waiting for the 10:30pm. Call me crazy, but I prefer to see the shows after they've run it with an audience once, add in the notion that it's "closing night" for that particular play (when actors tend to relax and release and play a bit), it's more of an enjoyable proposition. At least in my eyes.

- Adam's peanut butter, delicious. Especially when combined with the jelly that comes in the blue tubs. They just don't make peanut butter this good anymore.

- Okay, I'm done. Anything after this will be in the form of quick non-sequitor quotes and events. See you tomorrow!

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Andy Joe said...

Fantastic job, Jose & Meaghan. I'm loving reading the blog from Anacortes waiting for the last ferry. From 14/48's new favorite restaurant in Anavortes: Adrift.

That show 4 must be awesome if SeanJohn is the one trying to keep folks on track.