Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31st: Pop Goes the Weasel!

Play #1: Boom
by Ramon Esquivel
directed by Mik Kuhlman

Matt Shimkus
Chris Spott
Allison Strickland
Christina Mastin

Play #2: A Cock and A Carnation
by Brendan Healy
directed by Katherine Van Meter

Mike Dooly
Mark Fullerton
Gretchen Douma

Play #3: And Nothing Too
by Wesley K. Andrews
directed by Brian Faker

Sylvester Kamara
John Lutyens
Brandon Whitehead

Play #4: Volunteer Night
by Becky Bruhn
directed by Shanga Parker

Rob Burgess
Kaleb Hagan-Kerr
James Weidman
Imogen Love

Play #5: I Hate Bikes
by Mallery Avidon
directed by Paul Budraitis

Jason Sharp
Seanjohn Walsh
Erin Fetridge

Play #6: On Matters of Estate
by Jerry Kraft
directed by M. Elizabeth Eller

David Anthony Lewis
Deb Pralle

Play #7: A Fish Story
by Stephanie Timm
directed by John Vreeke

Daniel Brockley
Ben McFadden
Chris Bell
Sam Hagen
Heather Gautschi


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