Friday, July 30, 2010

The Spirit of Camaraderie

Melizabeth Eller finds herself at a loss, needing a choreographer for a particular moment in her piece (Ramon Esquivel's Prophecy). During lunch, she sits next to Jon Lutyens and bemoans that fact.

Jon just happened to be sitting right next to Virgin Director Kathryn Van Meter, who also just happens to be *the* choreographer for the 5th Avenue and Village Theater. Van Meter reaches across Lutyens and says to Eller, "hi! I'm Katrhyn, I do that for a living, what do you need?"

Ask and the 14/48 gods provide.


Dante said...

this is why 14/48 rocks my socks off

JJisafool said...

That is freakin' awesome. Like artist MacGuyver.

MLiz said...

Most awesome moment of the day.