Friday, July 30, 2010

Sustained hysterical laughter onstage. No words. What are they DOING out there?!!!!!
This is torture to not be watching.
3rd show is up.
It appears that the pantless gentlemen are on 4th as they are working their way over near the entrance. They are apparently old pantless gentlemen as Jason is working his way slowly with a can and Chris Bell is now slowly and painfully hobbling along with a walker. But there is some drumming from the band and now lots of spontaneous but shaking back stage. David Lewis in a trench coat with only sock and a hat shaking his booty is a sight to behold.

Most actors huddle right after they leave stage to process how it all went down. I hear trainwreck mentioned from one group.

And now another scene change. There is like a 3 foot area where the actors enter and so does the stuff. Tricky.

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