Saturday, July 31, 2010

And they're off!

"Pop Goes The Weasel" is officially off and running! The actors have been drawn at random and assigned to their plays.
Whereas yesterday morning every actor was surely wishing for that scene-chewing role that would allow them to shine above all others, Day Two of 14/48 often brings a different state of mind for many. Silent prayers to the 14/48 gods frequently drift towards, "Please don't let me get cast in the two-hander!" or "Please spare me the page-and-a-half monologue!"
Directors and playwrights, of course, have their own silent prayers. Director Brian Faker, upon drawing a name from the hat, groaned, "Oh, no...Brandon Whitehead. Can I have the keg in my rehearsal room?" Good luck, Brian!
The Band, not wasting any time, underscored the entire drawing process with groovy tunes floating up from the stage where they were already rocking out.

And now the companies have dispersed to their various nooks and crannies and all is quiet in the Canoe...for now.

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